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Joe Chen ▼

God taught Joe a simple but awesome truth as a freshman: without Christ, he has nothing, yet with Christ there is joy in everything! It took Joe a while to realize what that meant, but God convinced him that it was true. Filled and overflowing with joy, Joe joined Living Water because he wants everyone to know Gospel is so worth it.

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Tracie Kwon ▼

Tracie used to shy away from evangelizing because she was ashamed of the Gospel. However, after God revealed to her how amazing and life-changing His Good News is, she couldn't help but feel an urgency to share with those close to her on campus. She joined Living Water on its first day, Dean's Date 2020, to point others to Jesus Christ, her Lord and Savior.

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Allen Park ▼

Allen joined Living Water after hearing about an opportunity to share the gospel with other students on campus. After participating in the initiative for the first couple of weeks, Allen saw the urgent need for the gospel on campus and wanted to help out in any way he can.

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Grace Wang ▼

Throughout her freshman and sophomore year, Grace Wang has been in hiding. But the Gospel is so powerful and so good that even Grace Wang cannot remain in the confines of her room - she cannot help but go out to evangelize on Saturday nights, the one time you might see her.

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Fisayo Adeyina ▼

Fisayo's first week at Living Water, she was surprised to encounter people curious enough to have a conversation about Jesus in the freezing cold! The harvest is surely ready, and God just needs more laborers. She wants to be one of them.

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Justin Chang ▼

Throughout his time at Princeton, God has reminded Justin in countless ways that He is good and His love is great. Because of this, Justin joined Living Water his junior year, so that he could help spread the joy and peace he’s been able to find in Jesus.

You can contact him at:

Richard Zhu ▼

Throughout his life, Richard has grown in his relationship with God from first meeting him through an illustrated Bible in daycare. One thing that’s resonated time and again is to let things happen in God’s own time and to not stress out too much about things

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Handa Chun -- alumni ▼

Handa is just a dude trying to share the Gospel.
Handa first started Living Water in his junior year when he decided to buy some water bottle to hand out to people on the Street so that he can share the Gospel. He wasn't being original or anything -- he copied the idea from his friend from Cambridge, England. Since then, Living Water has grown and does a bit more than that. He's excited to see how much more God will use it for His Kingdom work.

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