Living Water

what is living water? ▼

Living Water is just the Christians on the Princeton University campus who give out water bottles, some small snacks, and the Gospel during the hours people go out to the street. Living Water is named after Jesus Himself who is our living water (John 7:37 - 39, John 4:14).

why do you guys do this? ▼

We do it because we want to be able to show the same love that we received from God to everyone! Christians have been called to be the light of Christ to the world (Matthew 5:13-16) , and one of the ways we can do that is through sharing physical sustenance with others and by sharing the Gospel and the undeserved Grace of God with everyone.

what is Christianity/the Gospel? ▼

Christianity is the belief and worship of the God of the Bible.

We believe in a God who is perfect in every way who created the world to glorify Himself and for His creation to enjoy Him. Through His Word, God created mankind through Adam and Eve, giving mankind all they needed, and He was together with them. However, through the disobedient choice of Adam and Eve, sin entered the world, and we were separated from God. Because we were created to be with God, by being separated from Him, we were all dead in our sins.

However, God, in His infinite love and grace, chose to send His Son, Jesus, who was God, to the world to live a perfect life as a man and to die on the cross for sinners’ sakes. In this way, He who had never sinned took on the consequences of sin, so that we may be considered righteous before God to be once again united with Him. Jesus resurrected on the third day and in Him we have the hope of our own resurrection and a life eternal with God when Jesus comes back one day.

We believe that Christianity is more than following a set of actions or rules, but having a relationship with the LORD God. This relationship is available for those who accept and receive His grace through the belief in Jesus Christ as our lord and savior, and they will be called the sons and daughters of the living God of the universe.

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